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Physical and medical consultations without the need for an appointment.

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You do not need to make an appointment to come to our clinic and receive the medical care you deserve.

Our services

Medical consultation:

We make consultations and physical revisions without an appointment.

Diagnostic area:
We provide X-ray, ultrasound and electrocardiogram services to give you the right diagnoses.
Medical laboratories:
At Clínica Mi Pueblo we perform tests at our medical laboratories.
Urine test:
A urinalysis or urine test it’s used to detect a wide range of disorders. Doctors use it to check signs of common conditions or diseases.
Glucose test:
A glucose test can be done with a finger-prick test, or by using an electronic blood sugar monitor called a flash glucose monitor (CGM).
Hemoglobin test:
This test is often used to check anemia, a deficiency of red blood cells that can have diverse health effects.
Blood test:
Blood tests can be used to detect various diseases or health problems with a detailed review in the laboratory.
Flu test:
If you have flu-like symptoms, our high-qualified team can make an influenza diagnostic test to detect the virus.
Pregnancy test:
We do reliable pregnancy tests that will give you 100% certainty about your situation.
Toenail fungus treatment:
We provide services to eradicate nail and foot fungus, as well as candidiasis and other related problems.
doctora aplicando inyeccion en la rodilla de un paciente
Joint injection to knee for chronic knee pain
doctora aplicando inyeccion en la cicatriz del estomago de un paciente
Steroid injection for a keloid scar
Reduces symptoms such as pain or itching and can flatten and soften a keloid and prevent growth
*This picture is a 3 weeks progress

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